Emla Cream In Pakistan – Emla Cream 5g

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Emla Cream 5 g Without Dressing for Topical Anaesthesia

On this page you will find the required information about Emla Cream by reading which you can easily use the medicine and you can easily buy this Emla cream in Pakistan from

Emla cream in pakistan imported available at If you want to buy this product in Pakistan, fill out the customer order form now or send your delivery details on WhatsApp-0330-9867840.


  • 100% Original & Imported
  • Company: Aspen Pharma Trading Limited
  • Emla cream 5%
  • 5G Cream without dressing for topical anaesthesia
  • Lidocaine / Prilocaine

Other Information

  • keep the medicine away from small children
  • keep this medicine at room temperature
  • If the medicine has expired, do not use it at all and discard it

How to use Emla Cream

Keep skin clean and dry. Press out enough of the medicine on the surface of the process. Do not spread sugar. For standard doses in adults this is Approximately 2G or half a 5g tube.

Use one of the non-abrasive dressings and remove the middle cut-out. Other dress code can be used if not wearing ball gowns. For example plastic film such as cling wrap should be stuck on the adhesive tape.

Peel a squash, grate it and squeeze the juice. Cover with emla® sugar you get a thick layer underneath. Smooth the clothes thoroughly to prevent soiling. Remove the form and mark the request time of the dress code. Remove the dressing immediately prior to the procedure. Wipe off the cream and Wash the area with alcohol.


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